Dr Robert Young succeeded with the help of all those who believed in my choice. The periods I initially had with disagreements about how it would be to die breast cancer showed out so in 2016 I took courage to migra decided to be CT-scanned. I would know if such a test also confirmed that I was fast. CT scan five years after the CT scan in 2016 showed that the area that was lacquered in my lung still had the exact size and there was no longer any enlarged lymph nodes. According to the doctors, there were signs that it was scar tissue after the original cancer, they could see the lung. In addition, there was now a small intake further down the lung of eight millimeters. The little spot they would like, so I had another test done a few months later. The next test showed that there was still no slight change, not even in the small eight millimeters. Therefore, I decided again to say no thanks for entering the hospital's program for further investigation.


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